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Science Teachers as Reflective Practitioners at Higher Secondary Level: A Demand for 21st Century Teaching


The study investigated science teachers’ perceptions about the reflective practice at higher secondary with the reference of 21st -century teaching demands. The objectives of the study were: to differentiate science teachers’attitudes about the reflective practice based on gender at the higher secondary level. The sub-objectives were to differentiate the use of reflective practices on the basis of gender, to differentiate the male and female teachers’ strategies for reflective practice, to distinguish the teachers, professional development on the bases of gender, and the barriers in the use of reflective practice based on gender. The research was quantitative, and it was a descriptive study

Farkhanda Tabassum, Qurat-ul-Ain Hina

JSE-Volume- II, Issue- II, 2020

Perception of Teachers Regarding Role of STEAM
Robotics Laboratories in Removing Boredom from
Learning Science at the Elementary Level

Kainat,Fozia Fatima,Sohaib Sultan

Relationship between Social Behaviour and Academic
Performance of Science Students at Secondary Level

Bushra Khalid,Farkhanda Tabassum

A Study of Metacognitive Knowledge and
Metacognitive Regulation among Biology
Teachers at Secondary Level

Saima Aamir,Qudsia Riffat

A Transcendental Exploration of Induction
Training: Professional Development of College ScienceTeachers in Punjab

Ayaz Muhammad Khan,Yasir Hussain,Iqra Tariq

Validation and Analysis of an Achievement Test in
the Subject of Biology at the Secondary Level

Anjum Asmat,Farah Latif Naz

JSE-Volume- II, Issue-I, 2020

Effect of Using Mathematics Manipulatives on theStudent’s Academic Achievement

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal,Jahan Ara Shams,Maria Nazir

Effect of Modular Approach Teaching on Achievement of Secondary School Mathematics Students

Umaira Khalil,M. Imran Yousuf

Impact of STEAM Robotics Laboratories on Students’
Higher Order Thinking Skills

Kainat ,Sohaib Sultan

The Triangle Model: The Contribution of the Late Professor Alex H. Johnstone

Norman Reid

Validation of 8th Class Science Achievement
Test in District Sargodha

Muhammad Naqeeb ul Khalil Shaheen,Nazir Haider Shah,Rukhsana Sardar

JSE-Volume- I, Issue- II, 2019

Comparison between Self-Assessment and Assessment by the Teacher in Physics at Secondary Level

Tariq Javed** Muhammad Aslam Asghar
Effect of Multiple Intelligences’ Teaching on Academic Achievement of High Achievers in Science at Elementary Level

Iram Naz*
Effects of Reciprocal Teaching on Students’ Achievement in Physics at Secondary Level

Ali Zaman*
The Key Role of Working Memory: The Contribution of the Late Professor Alex H. Johnstone

Norman Reid*
Possible Relationship between Extents of Divergence, Science Achievement and Attitudes towards Science

Farkhunda Rasheed Choudhary*

JSE- Volume- I, Issue- I, 2019

An Analysis of Biological Terminology used in Textbook of Biology

Naeem Kauser, Jamil Hussain Shah
Availability of Essential Laboratory Equipment for Biology: A Case Study of North Nazimabad Town, Karachi

Waqar un Nisa Faizi, Anila Fatima Shakil, Rabia Abdul Karim,
Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Problem Solving Approach and Expository Strategy on the Academic Achievements of Secondary School Students in Mathematics

Sajid Ali, Anees Ul Husnain Shah, Arslan Raheem
Development of Successful Science Education Research: The Contribution of the Late Professor Alex H. Johnstone

Norman Reid
Relationship of Mathematics Anxiety with High School Students’ Achievement